Wood Jr.

It's a well-known fact that every December 13, 2010 we ask Last Comic Standing finalist and occasional Soup editorialist Roy Wood, Jr. for his take on the Barbara Walters/Oprah Winfrey interview. And this December 13, 2010 will be no different. Roy, the floor is now yours...







"What I love about Oprah Winfrey interviews is how it brings out all these supposed experts claiming to know Oprah is gay," quips Wood. "You don't know anything! You run a video-rental store in Iowa!

"It was a good interview. I just think with the lesbian stuff, Barbara was talking to the wrong person. You wanna find out if Oprah's a lesbian, you don't talk to Oprah. You don't talk to Gayle King. You ask Stedman's homeboys. If the avergae dude has sex with Oprah, he'd call his homeboys up at 3:30 in the morning, as soon as they were done!"

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