Olivia Wilde

Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage.com

I don't remember it from the first go around, but Tron: Legacy is (as my kids would say) super mega awesome. The kind folks at Disney invited me to the world premiere over the weekend at Hollywood's El Capitan Theatre and the whole event was incredible!  I did my best to rock the blue carpet in a fun LBD from Myne. That's where the legendary Jeff Bridges was steps away in the press line and the loveable Ben Lyons was there workin' his magic for E! News.

Yes, I had an up-close peek at Olivia Wilde's stunning Emilio Pucci gold gown. She truly is a vision to behold in person and is fantastic in the film. (PS. I think she's an underrated actress and cannot wait for her to take on some grittier roles in the future.) Will Ferrell made quite the entrance bringing the funny that night and the last guest of the evening to arrive, one Tom Cruise.

You might expect Tron to be your little brother's kinda film, but do not make that mistake. I was glued to my seat and time flew by. I was blown away by the visuals and the sci-fi story was unexpectedly sweet. EXTRA sweet however was the after party where Ed Westwick (Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass) stood behind me in line for a cocktail. Myself and every other female in the joint were frozen in amazement, gawking at his good looks. Joe Jonas was also nearby but funny I almost didn't notice.

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