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Dear Joan:
I'm a poor college student, but I still want to stay fashionable. Where can I find the latest trends without breaking the bank?

Dear College Cutie:

You're in luck. It's never been easier (or cheaper) to be stylish without spending a lot of money. Stores like H&M, Forever 21 and Target follow the latest trends for a fraction of the designer label prices. Some of those pricey designers are even collaborating on budget lines for these shops so you can scoop up the trends for less.

Dear Joan:
I am 4' 11" and a size 0. What dress length should I go for? Are long dresses flattering on petite people? Are wrap dresses good for everybody? I love your show, you crack me up!

Dear Petite Princess:
Thank you, that's good to hear! They say good things come in small packages  (except when it comes to Hollywood's leading men) so the smaller you are, the shorter you can wear your hem. Take advantage of that and leave the longer dresses to someone else. (Let the Olsen's bag-lady look be a warning to you!) As for wrap dresses, generally they tend to flatter curvy women, but a good push-up bra can help you fake it.

Dear Joan:
What is the best accessory for winter?
—Stephanie Chavez 85

Dear Winter Wonder:
Do I have to pick just one? There's so much to have fun with. But if we're talking style over comfort and warmth then it would have to be a scarf—sequined, striped, whatever, it's the one piece you can wear multiple ways whether you're in- or outdoors.

Dear Joan:
Melissa Rivers
wore an absolutely outstanding turquoise serpent cuff bracelet on a recent Fashion Police show. Would love to know where I can find one like it.

Dear Snake Charmer:
Didn't she look fabulous?! The jewelry was from XIV Karats in Beverly Hills.

Dear Joan:
I like to wear skirts and dresses to the office. What types of winter footwear would you recommend that can take me inside and outside in snowy weather without having to change my shoes all the time? Thanks.

Dear Tender Toes:
I like that you're dreaming big, but I'm not sure it can be done. Who wants to ruin a perfectly good pair of shoes in the slush? The best I can suggest is finding some platform boots with sturdy heels (insulated but not ugly!) that can handle the outside but still look good inside. Good luck!

Dear Joan:
Do you think wearing a black top with brown cowgirl boots is acceptable? I see this as a hideous outfit, especially when it's a dressy/formal black top. What's your opinion? Am I just outdated and wearing black and brown together is OK now?

Dear Curious:
Brown boots, or shoes, are a neutral so they can be worn with pretty much anything. Even a dressy black top. I don't know about cowboy boots, but I'm guessing they would fly just fine in the Southwest.

Dear Joan:
I'm a double D, my chest is huge and I don't like the fact that I'm busting out of whatever I wear. I'm still a teenager, so it's uncomfortable, and seeing all those models in Vogue makes me feel inappropriate. Like when I see people like Kim Kardashian, I get a knot in my stomach—that's not how I want to look. I want to look feminine, like Keira Knightley, who's my idol. What the hell do I do?

Dear Busty Babe:
Keira Knightley seems like a sweet girl, but if you don't have that starving-for-a-sandwich body then you need to accept and embrace your figure and the fashion that works for you. That doesn't mean flashing your curves like the Kardashians. You need to find feminine clothing, like wrap tops and empire waistlines, that flatter your chest, not anybody else's.

Dear Joan:
What is a good way to be stylish in a uniform?

Dear Stylish Schoolgirl:
You're talking about one of my favorite subjects: accessories! You've got to personalize that cookie-cutter uniform with patterned stockings, bracelets, scarves, you name it. Anything to set you apart and make the most of your personality.

Dear Joan:
How do you look fashionable while getting in shape?

Dear Sweatin' in Style:
Go shopping for some stylish workout wear. The best thing you can do is inspire yourself with a cute outfit and some new running shoes. Sloppy sweatpants don't get you excited for much more than lying on the couch watching TV. Good luck!

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