Taylor Swift

Cheryl Gerber / Reuters

Happy birthday, Taylor Swift!

The country cutie turns 21 today and while she told E! News that she's having "an end of the year Christmas party" on her birthday, she began celebrating last night...but not the typical shots-'til-you-drop kind of bash.

"Tonight @caitlinbird and @elizabethhuett knocked on my door- they brought a pizza with a lit 21 candle on it and bday hats. :)," Taylor posted on her Twitter Sunday.

"Now I'm dancing around my room alone to @pink's greatest hits cd," she later added.

But how did new man Jake Gyllenhaal figure in?

Although Jake and Taylor were together in L.A. on Thursday, they weren't even in the same city yesterday.

Jake was spotted solo on Sunday at Pinkberry on Melrose, where he ordered a medium yogurt with two spoons, which we'd assume was for Taylor.

Except that the birthday girl was somewhere snowy yesterday—as she tweeted: "Snowflakes are flurrying down outside and it's my last day of being 20!"

We're guessing she was in Nashville, where she lives and threw her 20th birthday party last year.

So who was Jake sharing his frozen yogurt with back in L.A., then? Hmm...

Here's hoping he'll be on hand for her Christmas-themed birthday bash!

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