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    Big Brother Star vs. Survivor Star in Offscreen Battle—Guess Who Won?

    Kenward Boo Bernis Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

    In one corner, Big Brother 2 houseguest Krista Segall. In the other, Survivor: Fiji alum Kenward "Boo" Bernis.

    And she just delivered one helluva body blow.

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    Stegall, without having a lawyer representing her, persuaded a Louisiana judge to extend a restraining order against Bernis for another year.

    The Big Brother star, who claims Bernis roughed her up at a Lafayette nightclub, called Boo to the stand and gave Jeff Probst a run for his money, interrogating Bernis about his alleged bad behavior.

    A courtroom source tells E! News that Bernis owned up to grabbing the divorced mom and waitress by the arms and hurling her into the women's bathroom at Bootlegger's, a bar which he coowns with infamous Survivor schemer Russell Hantz.

    Boo, who was issued a citation for misdemeanor battery, declined to speak to reporters after taking the stand. However, his lawyer said he would comply with the stayaway order which is up on Sept. 7, 2011.

    This is not Stegall's first run-in with reality stars. In 2002, she sued CBS claiming the network was negligent in not preventing fellow Big Brother 2 contestant Justin Sebik from pulling a knife and holding it to her throat during the show. Sebik was subsequently ejected from the house.


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