David Hasselhoff


Christmas came early this year for us here at The Soup, because someone removed February from all our calendars so we've been a month ahead all year. But after we figured it out last week and dealt with the prankster in Joel's favorite fashion,* Christmas came early again when The Hasselhoffs premiered last night.

Here's Hoffy fielding questions at his daughter's college, when someone brings up the infamous hammered hamburger-eating incident. But don't worry, Hoff can handle the pressure.

 *firing squad



"I once performed to a million Germans on the Berlin Wall in a blinking, electric jacket. I know what pressure is..."

Actually it wasn't the Berlin Wall and it wasn't a million Germans. He was just drunk standing on his fence singing Hooked on a Feeling to his German neighbors during their family reunion while they pleaded with him to stop. He was wearing a blinking electric jacket though. But only because he kept spilling vodka on it while police were tasering him, which created a blinking effect. So, ya know, he was partially right.

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