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We're not quite as full as we were after last year's Thanksgiving, brought to us by our friendly neighborhood golfer Tiger Woods, but that doesn't mean we haven't been feasting on a big plateful of juicy tidbits.

Read on for the week's most interesting moments in celebutainment:

YOU SPIN ME RIGHT ROUND: Eminem and his hard candy shell lead all comers for the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards with 10 nominations, including Album of the Year, Song and Record of the Year for "Love the Way You Lie" and Best Rap Song for his Rihanna collaboration and "Not Afraid." And how about that Bruno Mars, who was next with seven noms?

NOOOO!: Leslie Nielsen, a pretty dashing actor before his hair turned white in films like Forbidden Planet but best known for his hilarious later roles in Airplane! and The Naked Gun trilogy, died of complications from pneumonia at 84. Shirley he will be missed.

DEPP WATERS: Johnny Depp was the toast of the media this week, talking to Vanity Fair about Disney's initial worry that Capt. Jack Sparrow was a wee too fey for the masses, and explaining to Extra why he's reluctant to marry the mother of his children, Vanessa Paradis . At least, we think he said those things. We were really too busy staring to either read or listen.

RED DAWN: Judging by all those sandy makeout scenes and this feathery photo tease, Breaking Dawn: Part 1 is going to be a hot little blockbuster. Apparently things would have been even steamier had Eclipse director David Slade been in charge of the action, but at least there's this cute Eclipse commentary to relish.

PRETTY STUPID: Already on probation for her role in the Hollywood Bling Ring, former Pretty Wild star Alexis Neiers was busted for allegedly possessing black tar heroin and has to wait it out in jail for now. Because apparently she went from wanting a celebrity's life to wanting no life at all.

HE NEVER HIT ME BABY: Britney Spears is "kiss my ass" ticked by tabloid reports that quote an audio tape that was shopped as her and husband-for-a-minute Jason Alexander talking about current boyfriend Jason Trawick beating her up. In fact, Brit's off with the beast celebrating her 29th birthday right now!

BEST OF 2010: It's that time again! Check out our picks for the year's biggest stories and hottest newcomers. If you must, let us know who we left out, and don't forget to vote for Celebrity of the Year!

John Mayer, Katy Perry, Russell Brand

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NO FIREWORK?: We hear that John Mayer once found Katy Perry's body to be quite the wonderland, but once she met Russell Brand she never looked back.

THANK THE ACADEMY: James Franco and Anne Hathaway will cohost the 83rd Academy Awards on Feb. 27. That will either be hilarious or hilarious.

BABY TALK: Stella McCartney notches her fourth child...A second son for Nina Garcia...Eva Longoria is not adopting...Mayim Bialik isn't rich enough to be a perfect parent like Gisele, but she's doing the best she can...

WEDDING BELLS: Jason London engaged to longtime girlfriend Sofia Karstens...Nick Lachey talks unencumbered engagement to Vanessa Minillo...Miranda Lambert looking forward to getting hitched...Chad Ochocinco engaged to Basketball Wife Evelyn Lozada...Kim Zolciak-Biermann ready to take the plunge again...Amazing Race team Chad Waltrip and pregnant Stephanie Smith couldn't wait to tie the knot.

UNHITCHED: Neve Campbell filed for divorce awhile back...

LIKE SHE'S THE ONLY GIRL IN THE WORLD: An understandably sensitive Bristol Palin didn't appreciate being called the "worst person in the world." Even though it was Keith Olbermann who said it, instantly negating any chance whatsoever that people would take the statement seriously.

THE PLOT THICKENS: The latest word on Ronni Chasen's death was that investigators found hollow-point bullets, meant to inflict maximum damage, in the veteran Hollywood publicist's body. Then, a "person of interest" whom police were led to by an America's Most Wanted tip blew himself away before they could ask him anything. And, according to her 51-page will, Chasen was worth about $6 million.

BAD HAMILTON: Josh Duhamel was escorted off a plane after he refused to put his BlackBerry away.

SHUTTERBUGGED: Olivier Martinez the latest to have a run-in with the paps...Nicole Richie explains her anti-pap rationale...Photographer accuses Justin Bieber's bodyguard of getting rough.

Ryan Seacrest

World AIDS Day

DEATH WISHES: Kim Kardashian, Ryan Seacrest, Alicia Keys, Serena Williams and more faked their own picturesque deaths for the sake of the children, but for some reason their efforts haven't paid off yet.

KEEPING UP: Here's the scoop on Kim and Gabriel Aubry...Kim, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian cut ties with the debit card biz and do another performance of the vagina monologues on Conan...Listen to Kourtney calmly calling 911...Kylie and Kendall Jenner make a video!

OVERTIME: Erin Barry, estranged wife of former Tony Parker teammate Brent Barry, came right out and denied having an affair with the NBA star—about two weeks after anybody cared.

TV LAND: Ann towers over Chelsey on America's Next Top Model...Kate Gosselin talks and talks...Jon Gosselin goes to work!...Dad Michael thinks Lindsay Lohan has a good shot at winning Dancing With the Stars should she make that career move...But could she beat Todd Palin?...Glee sneak peek...New Vampire Diaries addition...American Idol accentuates the positive......Chuck Norris now an actual Texas Ranger...Cheaters might, but quitters never prosper on Survivor...Michael Voltaggio looks down at Top Chef: All-Stars from his stuffy saucepan...Dexter gets a sixth season...Julia Roberts does Italian TV...Next-season Sons of Anarchy scoop!...Major shakeup at The Early Show...Dr. Laura Schlesinger headed for satellite radio...Barbara Walters makes her fascinating list...SPOILER ZONE!

SCREENPLAY: The Social Network's award season started promisingly enough with a big fat "like" from the National Board of Review...Winter's Bone is king of the indies, so far, winning Best Feature at the Gotham Awards and topping the field for the Film Independent Spirit Awards...Justin Timberlake busted his leg on the set of Now...Black Swan is as good as you've been led to believe...Angelina Jolie says most Bosnians are OK with her...Kellan Lutz is getting a little ahead of himself...Reese Witherspoon's star comes out...Christopher Nolan leaving Heath Ledger out of The Dark Knight Rises...Michael Douglas eyeing a Liberace biopic...No Graduate remake on tap with Robert Pattinson and Jennifer Aniston.

MUSICAL NOTES: Black Eyed Peas will provide the Super Bowl halftime entertainment...Madonna may not have cut through enough red tape before opening a gym in Mexico...Listen to Natasha Bedingfield's "Weightless"...Snoop Dogg recorded "Wet" for Prince William...Keith Urban says Nicole Kidman saved him with her love...Watch Diddy-Dirty Money's "Coming Home."

LAW & ORDER: Willie Nelson charged with pot possession, though really it's pot that should be charged with possessing Willie...Ugly Betty player Michael Brea charged with murder...Kurtis Blow popped for pot at the airport...Wesley Snipes going to prison, or else, next week...Uma Thurman's stalker arrested mid-stalk...Warrant out for Gary Collins' arrest...David Cassidy pleads innocent to DUI...Faith Evans cuts a reckless driving deal.

CIVIL WAR: JWoww's ex-BF is threatening to sue...Dora the Explorer star settles up with Nickelodeon.

FAREWELLS: Irvin Kershner, director of The Empire Strikes Back, died of cancer at 87...Mario Monicelli, Oscar-nominated director of I Compagni, jumped to his death in Rome at 95.

Ashley Green, Cosmopolitan Cover


COVERAGE: Katy Perry's Bazaar jeweled lips...Joe Manganiello deserves a few howls for his Vanity Fair Italia spread...Ashley Greene in knots for Cosmo...Randy and Evi Quaid crazy up the pages of American Vanity Fair...Reese Witherspoon talks a good dating game in Glamour.

SURREAL ESTATE: Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick shelling out for a swanky pad on Central Park West...Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Kyle Richards wants $2.45 million for her pretty pile of bricks in Bel Air.

GET WELL SOON: Heather Locklear hospitalized with an infection...Aretha Franklin recovering after mystery surgery...Nate Berkus recovering after appendectomy...Jennifer Grey might need surgery.

SEEN: Jennifer Aniston doing a bikini proud while on vacation with Chelsea Handler in Mexico...Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart splitting the proverbial knish at Roxy's Famous Deli in the San Fernando Valley...Eva Longoria having lunch with Tony Parker at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica...David Arquette and Courteney Cox lunching then leaving separately from Morton's the Steakhouse in Burbank...Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas getting carded outside Kellan Lutz's party at Voyeur in H-Wood... Paris Hilton and Brooke Mueller starting the night off together at Las Palmas in Hollywood...Kendra having dinner with a Kendra producer at Beso in L.A., then clubbing alongside Rob Kardashian at MyStudio...Katie Holmes and Suri picking up treats at the Teuscher chocolate boutique in Beverly Hills...Michael Douglas riding roller coasters with the fam at Universal Orlando Resort...Brad Pitt, Angelina, Maddox, Zahara and Shiloh celebrating Pax's seventh b-day aboard a riverboat on the Seine in Paris...Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal grabbing breakfast at Fido in Nashville, a few days after sipping lattes at a cafe in Brooklyn.

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