Just in case there was any lingering doubt, these two exclusive hot-off-the-presses promos for the all-new American Idol drive it home: the era of Simon Cowell is well and truly over.

Rather than whetting people's appetites for the show by featuring the cringe-inducing Sanjayas, General Larry Platts and Scooter Girls of the world (or the judges' biting ripostes to their "talent"), Idol has turned over a new, much nicer, and more positive-reinforcing leaf.

At least as evidenced by the talented bunch of singers they focus on in their two new TV spots, debuting later today.

Sure, they're good. But are they, in the words of Randy Jackson, sick good?

And more importantly, are above-average singers being praised by the likes of the ever-admiring Jennifer Lopez and king of the knowing nod Steven Tyler enough to keep you tuning in?

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