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Now that your bellies are de-bloating from last week's yummy festivities, Team Truth thought it would only be fair to show you how thankful we are that you dolls care to share your two cents with us on the reg.

So we've got a round-up of poll results to get you Twi-hards and drama-lovers digesting up a storm. These numbers are so pro-Robsten you'd think Stephenie Meyers rigged with the polls à la Sarah Palin & Fam.

But as hard as Miss Wannabe Prez tried, she wasn't this week's most popular poll topic, not in the slightest cig:

Sorry Palins, there's no room for you here! Around 38 percent of you booted any Palins from joining your turkey feast (although the Kody's, aka Sister Wives were second).

Not that we don't enjoy homophobic slurs to liven up a family-filled day, but hearing a possible 2012 presidential candidate say how we "have to stick by our North Korean allies" last week, there's no way we could handle hours of Sare's not so with it remarks at the dinner table.

Better luck next year!

Looks like it time to put those stogies out, Robsten! More than 60 percent of you (almost 3000 voters, whoa!) said you wished Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart would ditch the tobacco and grab a tic-tac!

Given, Edward and Bella probs think their chain-smoking habits are that extra touch of mystery that gives 'em an added dose of sex appeal.

But, come on babes, those bods are looking too healthy to cover in some nasty smoke ashes. Your freakishly loyal fans have spoken, and their not feelin' the cig compulsions just as much as we aren't

Speak of the freaks! Who thought Potter would breed a crop of kookier fans? Almost 60 percent of you agreed that Harry Potter had the wackier of the fans. Obviously, you Twi-hards took this wackiness in the über-literal, nasty way since you didn't vote for yourselves!

Still we think your Twi-pack leader—Anita the vampire bride—who entered Moviefone's contest for biggest Twilight fan takes the looney tune trophy for sure, plus you all weren't too far behind the kooky wizards, a mere 10 percent. No biggie!

Looks like it's the month of the Brits! Since about 75 percent of you totally agree that our favorite babette from across the pond, Carey Mulligan is tres glam enough to play Daisy Buchanan in Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of The Great Gatsby.

Mulligan's got that sheer sass and bittersweet-ness to toy with Leo DiCaprio's heart come show time, not to mention she's def sticking it to Shia right about now!

Glad, we can all agree to disagree with Shia's poor taste in women! Talk about letting the good one get away, dummy! Maybe he needs a stogie to suppress that losing streak of his?

As long as it's not Robsten's royal fingers clinching the cig it's all gravy to us, and ya'll—duh!

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