Joy Bryant, Rachel Zoe

Lester Cohen/

Rachel Zoe's baby is likely to be the most stylin' little one around. But will the kid have a name to match?

We're thinking, yes. And so does Zoe's gorgelicious client, Joy Bryant...

"I'm sure she'll name the baby something fierce, because she's fierce," the Parenthood actress told us last night at Esquire House's Oxfam party in Hollywood.

While Bryant was careful not to talk too much about the reality-TV star's happy news, she did gush, "It's great. It's cool. I'm happy for her."

What's also pretty cool—and fierce, for that matter—is Bryant's work with Oxfam's climate change program. "We went to Cambodia over the summer," she said. "Incredible! Amazing. A short trip but very, very powerful."

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