Blind vice 300 gay sex

Never really understood the more voyeuristic side of Hollywood, like Petered Metered, the Hollywood star who lives to watch porn or gay boys doing it in front of him in his big lux Los Angeles mansion. Operative words being in front of him. Not with him. Excuse me?

Maybe this is something the equally rich—and equally seasoned—Prince Horebart Hairplug can understand? I dare say he can, as Horey lives to...

Corral all the good-looking young men he can find, just so they can strip down and screw right in front of him! And keep in mind, we're talkin' young (though not underage), sweethearts. A little baby-fat never hurt Hairplug's libido. In fact, just the opposite.

And before you ask what does Prince—whose multi-talented reputation reaches many entertainment venues—hear from his partner while he's off watching all this rosy-cheeked fornication, just know it's most likely, "Enjoy!"

I swear, what is it with these celebrity couples who allow each other to cheat and then naively expect everything to just keep on keepin' on after the fact. Stupid!

Or not. Prince and his much younger other half have been together for some time, so maybe this open-relationship stuff does work for a select few? Perhaps.

Still, what's far more perplexing to us is what's the pointing of all this vicarious sex stuff? Why the hell not actually partake in all the supple fun? Oh, I get it—by not touching, do these horny idiots actually think they're not cheating?

That would just be classic.

It Ain't: Matthew McConaughey, Patrick Wilson, Prince

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