Katy Perry, Russell Brand


See, chivalry isn't dead—nor is it a crime.

Russell Brand won't be facing paparazzo-thumping charges over an LAX incident back in September where he defended ladylove (and now missus) Katy Perry from a shutterbug.

Told you so. But first, Brand had to jump through some hoops.

He needed to meet with the Los Angeles city attorney to get a quick lecture on the law—i.e., that he shouldn't go off on paparazzi even if they are pestering his better half (which seems to be a habit)—before the case was closed.

The powwow with prosecutors went down earlier this week.

"Mr. Brand and his lawyer attended a hearing on Wednesday," Los Angeles City Attorney spokesman Frank Mateljan tells E! News. "Following that meeting, we do not anticipate any further action will be necessary regarding this matter."

Likewise, the shutterbug will head down to the courthouse later today, when he'll also be cleared of any wrongdoing after a good talking-to about getting into celebrities' faces.

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