Zachary Levi, Chuck

NBC Photo: Byron Cohen

No-Fair Alert: Zachary Levi isn't just cute and high-larious and charming in person. The dude can sing. Like, really, really sing.

So what's this about Chuck: The Musical?

Well, for now, it's just a little grass-roots fan campaign—that we are totally perpetuating right here, with the support of Zach's leading lady!

We just caught up with Zach—who stars in Disney's new animated flick Tangled (yes, he sings!)—and when asked about the possibiltiy of a Chuck musical, he told us: "If  the writers presented it to us, I would do it for sure."

That said, he's not totally sold. "I don't know if it really fits the world of Chuck," Zach admits. "Even as wacky as Chuck can get, I don't know if it goes that wacky, that out of the box. Like Scrubs or like Buffy, or other shows that have successfully done the musical episode."

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, may we present to you: Jeffster?! Certainly a show with the ridiculously fun vocal stylings of Jeff and Lester could bring its lead character into the mix?

Zach's co-star Yvonne Strahovski tells us she is totally on board with the musical. "We keep saying—I keep saying—we should do Chuck the Musical episode. I mean it would be so much fun. Um, I don't know how well it would do [Laughs.] But I know Zach would do a great job."

Zach—who became known as something of a vocal sensation among TV critics when he won a Singing Bee competition at the 2007 TCA Press Tour—also recorded a duet (and music video) with Katherine McPhee earlier this year.

"I sang growing up," Zach says. "Doing a lot of musical theater. My dad sings and my cousin sings, my sisters, and we'd all just kind of have fun singing. And I still do that in the shower and in the car a lot, like we all do."

And for the record, he isn't ruling out a Chuck musical.

"I think everybody's kind of for it," Zach admits. "I'm not saying I'm against it. [Laughs.] I'm just saying I don't know if it's right."

Sounds like this boy needs some convincing!

Hit the comments with your take on a Chuck musical...

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