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    Lea & Cory So Acknowledge Glee "Key Incident"

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    Corey Monteith, Lea Michele, Teen Vogue
    Corey Monteith, Lea Michele, Teen Vogue Teen Vogue

    Lea Michele and Cory Monteith grace the cover of Teen Vogue (and are much more covered up than in GQ) and dish on real-life Glee hookups.

    "Oh, we've all gotten down and dirty," Lea jokes. "It's like, nasty. We can't keep our hands off each other."

    Oh, but she's kidding!

    "No, I hate to be boring, but we're just friends," 'fesses Lea referring to her and Cory.

    But she did acknowledge one pair of sorta exes still on the show. Any guesses?

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    Mark Salling and Naya Rivera, of course.

    "I think Mark and Naya dated for a little while," Michele tells the magazine, before Monteith chimed in.

    "Yes, 'the key incident.'"

    "And now it's 'the key incident,'" L.M. said. Then quickly adding:

    "I have no idea. All I have to say is that it was nice when they were together."

    Nice because at least the set was drama free back then! Relatively speaking, naturally.

    Mark Salling, Naya Rivera Twitter

    If you all need a refresher, the key incident was our report back in August when Naya Rivera apparently egged and keyed Salling's car in a fit of jealousy.

    As we said, the two hooked up for a while but it was never exclusive, much to Rivera's dismay.

    Mark tweeted a pic of them together the day after their incident to try and squash the rumors, but sorry Gleeks, just as Cory admitted, it so happened! The pic was just Salling trying to be nice and put on a smile for his and Naya's fans.

    As for whether the two are cool now?

    Let's just say it's more than a tad icy between those babes still.

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