Joan Rivers

Charles William Bush

Dear Joan:
I love your show and advice. I'm very flat-chested—is it OK to wear dresses that are low-cut like V-necks even if I have no cleavage?

Dear Exposed:

My advice is to wear whatever makes you happy. But in terms of what would flatter you most, take advantage of all the busy necklines designers are putting out there right now. Ruffles, rosettes and pleats are something only a flat-chested woman can get away with, so have fun with your fashion!

Dear Joan:
I am a 15-year-old Nicaraguan girl who loves to wear tight things, but my mom thinks it's very inappropriate for girls my age. I also love wearing edgy things that match my personality, but people think it is outrageous. Should I listen to them or be unique?
—Nicaragua girl

Dear Wild Child:
At your age, I think you can be edgy and unique without upsetting your mother. (Remember, we nag because we care, just ask Melissa.) Make outrageous fashion choices and show off your personality, just don't show off anything that would get you slapped with a PG-rating.

Dear Joan:
Who makes the amazing ring you were wearing on the November 2  show?

Dear Junior:
Isn't it amazing? The ring is Charles Albert Jewelry, thanks for asking.

Dear Joan:
I am a big fan and love watching you on Fashion Police. Simple basic question: I just purchased a short pewter-colored sparkle dress. Very figure flattering, flirty and fun. (I am over 40, by the way.) I am stuck on the shoes. Plain black platform pump style, high heel, peep-toe shoe? Or should I go with a nude shoe? I am wearing it to an indoor holiday party. Advice?

Dear Dancing Feet:
Aren't you nice, thank you! It doesn't sound like you can go wrong with this dress, but as long as you're asking, black peep-toe heels (unless you have to trudge through the snow on your way to the party).

Dear Joan:
On the Halloween special, you were wearing the most beautiful black lace top with fur. I am going to an event and I have to have that top. Could you tell me who it is by and if you know where I could purchase it? Thanks a million and I'll be watching your show.

Dear Fashion Fan:
Thank you, darling. The fur is from Somper Furs in Beverly Hills and I added it to a lace top that I've owned for the longest time.

Dear Joan:
How do I know if someone is copying my look but they're avoiding me?

Dear Copy-Cat Critic:
So what you're saying is, bitch is stealing your look? Sorry, I couldn't help myself. Here's the thing: imitation is the sincerest form of flattery—so as long as she's only trying to copy your sense of style and not stealing your man, just ignore her.

Dear Joan:
If I was about to die, what should be the last thing I wear?

Dear Morbid Curiosity:
That's a tough one. I think you'd want to wear something comfortable. The wardrobe equivalent of comfort food, like sweatpants and a sweatshirt. And, of course, you must wear clean underwear.

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