The American Idol veteran belted out the National Anthem before today's Game 3 of the MLB World Series in Texas—and they won!

Could Kelly Clarkson be the Rangers' lucky charm, just like a certain someone was for the Lakers?

Texas native Clarkson arrived in her Ranger gear to show full-support and made sure to spread it onto Twitter.

"At the Rangers stadium rehearsing the Anthem! The Clarkson's are representing!! GO RANGERS!!!!"

Even Kelly wondered if her singing talents pushed the Texans to victory when she later tweeted:

"Are you freakin kidding me?!!!!!! GO RANGERS!!!!!!! I'm just sayin' I might be a good luck charm!!!!!! Oh my gosh, I was just at the first win of the Texas Ranger's in a World Series!!!!! EVER!!!!!!!!"

With both of these lovely lucky ladies, there's only one question left to ask...

Kelly vs. Christina
Which Good-Luck Charm Rocked The Anthem Best?
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