We have seen the future, and it sounds awesome.

Robo-composers Daft Punk drop some computer-generated genius in this clip for "Derezzed," a swirling bit of retro-futuristic electronica that's totally compatible with the upcoming Tron: Legacy.

PHOTOS: Tron: Legacy

Not only does this redo on the 1982 computer-geek classic look and sound cool, the new version ups the ante with showboating shenanigans from a Ziggy Stardusted Michael Sheen, sexy strutting from Olivia Wilde and a host of delightfully digited beauties who unzip Garrett Hedlund and activate his glow stick.

How powerful is this upgrade on the original? Tron: Legacy even has the might to scrub years of scruff and gruff off Jeff Bridges, returning him to his pretty boy perfection of the original.

Now that's a reboot we can get with.

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