Let the bumpwatch begin! Or, more likely, continue.

If there's one family that knows from tabloid rumors, it's the Kardashians, and E! News caught up with the most sensible clan member, Khloé Kardashian Odom, at the ring ceremony for hubby Lamar Odom and the rest of the Lakers last night, where she set the record straight on all the stories encircling her sisters (that includes you, Kanye), including when she and Lamar might finally give Mason a playmate.

"Not yet, the pressure's on," she said of her plans to procreate. "It's more of a disappointment now. Everyone's like, 'Are you pregnant?' I'm like, 'Not yet.' " Though by the sounds of it, it won't be long now.

"There's so many things I wanna do, but I just don't know what order they're going to happen in. I don't want to jinx myself…I guess motherhood would be like the next thing, I don't know." Hear that, Kris? Better start planning that baby shower now.

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