Everyone always asks me, "Who is your favorite celebrity?" and like a broken record I always say George Clooney.

But as for my favorite female celebrity, that would have to be Sandra Bullock. In addition to being a great actress who puts so much humor and heart into each of her roles, she also happens to be the most "real" celebrity I have interviewed in a very long time. She handled that whole Jesse James mess with dignity and self-respect and seems to have come through it a better and happier person.

Oh, and did I mention she watches Giuliana & Bill? She revealed this to me at the most recent Golden Globes right at the start of our interview and let's just say, I almost dropped my E! mic when she asked me about the show! Click here to see the shock on my face when Sandra disclosed that she was a fan of G&B and the Style Network. 

P.S. For more fun footage and exclusive scenes from Giuliana & Bill go to www.mystyle.com/giulianaandbill.

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