Taylor Swift


Dear Ted:
Taylor Swift
and Jake Gyllenhaal? What? PS I can't believe you buzzed your hair off. It's cute.

Dear Caught a Swifty Drift:
We can't believe this fresh-off-the-press duo, either! While the two definitely got cozy in the Big Apple last weekend, we can't confirm that it is love at first sight. Jake is totally Tay's type, what with him being older and loving blondes. But for now, I guess we will just keep our eyes and ears peeled, especially since she may be writing up the romance sooner than later. And thanks for the buzz-cut buttering up. I like it, too!

Dear Ted:
I just heard Taylor Swift's song "Better Than Revenge" on her new album, and it is apparent that it's about Camilla Belle. To quote her, "She's an actress/ she's better known for the things she does on the mattress." Who knew? Do you think Camilla will give a rebuttal or just roll her eyes?

Dear Lyrically Inclined:
Taylor's definitely speaking now and never holding her relationship peace. Honestly, if we hear one more lyrical love diss or bitch we may just throw Camilla a bone and take her side. Still, it's hard to believe the song's directly about Belle. Tay may be known for using her music as a way of expressing her feelings, but taking jabs at her ex's other women is so not her style. She's more of an ex-basher, not a girl-trasher if you ask me.

Dear Ted:
We know T-town has lots of vices and problems...Who would you say is the most adjusted of the superstars, the happiest?

Dear Happier Played Than Done:
Can't say anyone's über-happy out there unless you count Brangelina's Euro excursions with the kiddos. The rest are so PR they make me want to get puuuked.

Dear Ted:
Please tell me Troy Polamalu isn't Pepper Harthman. I'd like to think that his saintly image is still intact!

Dear S--tsburg:
Nope, Troy isn't Pepper. Think Ben Roethlisberger did enough PR damage for their team. Glad P.H. isn't on it.

Dear Ted:
What do you think about the latest rumors that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck are about to split? Did Ben really cheat on Jen with Blake Lively? It seems like they got pretty close while filming The Town.
—Gossip Girl

Dear Quit Your Gossiping:
Girl, this isn't a rumor even Serena Van der Woodsen would appreciate. Jennifer and Ben are living the so-happy married life with their babies, and Blake is still seeing her cutesy nerd of a BF and costar, Penn Badgley. How you paired Ben with Blake is beyond me, but let's not get to gossiping about Garner. She's one bad mama-jama and won't take it, or you, lightly.

Dear Ted:
Say someone signs a confidentiality agreement, what's to keep them from going to a tabloid and saying I can give you X's dirty laundry for a larger amount of money than the confidentiality agreement is slated to pay off?

Dear Thoughtful:
No one's dirty laundry is off limits, especially if the pay-off will leave them well off. Sad, but true!

Dear Ted:
The book and musical Wicked will be a movie. What do you think of Lea Michele to the Elphaba part? She can act and sing, and they already said that Indina Menzel won't play the part. What's your opinion?

Dear Musical Minion:
I can def see this happening, and might actually be into it! I mean, Lea is a former Broadway star gone Gleek. We'd love to see how sexily scandalous Lea could make one wicked witch! We're totally onboard if she is.

Dear Ted:
I've got a sneaking suspicion that Dashed Dingle-Dream's beard and Grey Goose's beard are on friendly terms with each other. Am I right?

Dear Not Even Close:
Dash's beard likes to keep it under wraps. You won't see this cover getting loose with any famous gooses, even if it's just friendly.

Dear Ted:
I'm pretty sure that our local professional sports hero is Pepper Harthman. Only one piece of the puzzle doesn't fit. I think you said there's no hint of gossip about him. Well, here in the hometown, most people suspect that Pepper's marriage is for show only. Local law enforcement officers can tell you stories of covering for Pepper and/or his wife as they pursue extra-marital alliances. Does that rule him out, or does local gossip not count? Actually, you can answer my musings very easily: Does Pepper have children? Unfortunately, a "no" answer will pretty much point to our guy, so I'm guessing you can't answer it.
I'm almost sure I know

Dear Not So Sure:
This daddy does it all, maybe not in the classiest of ways, but he sure enjoys a family huddle, kids or no kids involved.

Dear Ted:
Thank you for setting the record straight about Kristen Stewart's commitment to playing Bella Swan in Breaking Dawn. I have never seen her happier as she discussed Breaking Dawn while promoting Welcome to the Rileys.

Dear Committed to Kristen:
She's not going to let her Twi-hards down, duh! Glad you're happy to know Kris is still on board the vamp-mobile, but really, we all know the Twilight series is her No. 1 priority. Or maybe just a close second after rubbin' up on Rob.

Dear Ted:
I wanted to ask if you knew anything about Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder of the Vampire Diaries. I wasn't a huge fan of the show, but their chemistry was undeniable in a scene that I'd watched recently. I would like to know if they're indeed a couple (secretly dating like Kristen and Robert, who seem to be more public now). If you shed some light into this couple, that will be fantastic.

Dear Not So Robsten:
Nina and Ian may share some steamy screen time on the set of Vampire Diaries, but they are definitely no Robsten. The two have been viciously promoting their TV series, but no romance rumors. Plus, for some reason I don't think these two will make it to an offscreen romance, but if they do, never fear, I'll be filling you in!  

Dear Ted:
Has Halle Berry been a Blind Vice? She seems so perfect, but with that breakup from that hot supermodel, it makes me wonder what happened.

Dear Not Berry Much:
She hasn't hit our Vicey record books just yet, but who's to say she won't become an exclusive member soon enough? No one is safe, seemingly perfect or not.

Dear Ted:
I'm completely heartbroken, as I recently lost my beautiful best friend Stella, who was just a kitten when I picked her up from a married pair of rescuers. I enjoy sending you questions, and I also know that if anyone could give me some understanding words of encouragement right now, it would be you. So, my question is: I noticed that Rihanna couldn't make it to Katy Perry's wedding this weekend, supposedly due to her schedule, which I find odd, considering the date was set for this shindig quite some time ago. Is it possible that Rihanna was uninvited from the nuptials because of the way she publicly dissed Katy's music earlier this month?
Mary M.

Dear Mad at the Honor:
We hear that Ri-Ri's no-show really was a snag in the scheduling. Not to mention, the two are BFFS and no rumor's ruining that relationship. Plus, the Perry-Brand wedding was one for the books, and we're sure Katy wanted all her girls there. This maid of honor may have been absent come the big day, but she was by the Cali girl's side the rest of the wedding-planning way! And so sorry to hear about Stella. Really.

Dear Ted:
My adopted basset mix Olivia Flaversham wonders if Abbie Cornish could possibly be Maribeth Bush?

Dear Interesting One:
Nope! Maribeth is much more lovable, diva and all. Abbie just doesn't give off the funny vibe that Bush does.

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