Joan Rivers

Charles William Bush

Dear Joan:
It is either love you or hate you...I choose love you! You make me laugh so hard I have to put on Depends before the show starts. I love your fashionista guest hosts and am very happy that I can see you every week. You talk a lot about "age appropriateness" and how some stars "always get it right." Which of the long-term actresses do you think has gotten it right at every age? And the flip side, who hasn't ever had a fashion clue?"

Dear Red Carpet Watcher:

I can't think of a nicer compliment than being pee-your-pants funny! Thank you! As for those who get it right, Annette Bening is classy, classy, classy and Diane Lane and Rene Russo are always gorgeous. Meryl Streep, great actress but she's hit or miss on the red carpet, and Diane Keaton should have stopped dressing like Annie Hall after shooting wrapped in 1977.

Dear Joan:
Is it appropriate to wear black and brown together? Example: black shirt and denim jeans with brown shoes/boots or belt?

Dear Shopaholic:
Absolutely. Black, brown and navy are all neutrals so you can pair virtually any of them together and not worry about clashing.

Dear Joan:
I bought these amazing faux leather leggings, but I'm just not sure how to wear them and don't want to look trashy. Could you please give me some advice?

Dear Hot Pants:
Great choice. Leggings are hot, hot, hot right now. Pair yours with an oversize top or cardigan and ankle boots to look trendy, not trashy.

Dear Joan:
Who makes the chairs you guys sit in? They are beautiful! The dark wood frame really makes them stand out. You look great in them!

Dear Hot Seat:
You're so sweet. I'm never getting up again! I checked with our producer and they're available exclusively from 22 Bond St. here in L.A.

Dear Joan:
I am 15 years old and I want to look fabulous all time. What artist's style should I copy?

Dear Sweet 15:
I'm sure you're a beautiful young woman and you should dress for yourself and not in someone else's image. Be proud of who you are and create a fabulous style that's all your own.

Dear Joan:
I just wanted to say that even though I'm not into fashion and don't follow the trends, I absolutely love your show and think you have the funniest comments on TV. If you have any advice on how I can be fashionable while wearing a T-shirt and jeans, which is what I always like to wear, please let me know. You're awesome, Joan, and thanks.

Dear Dress-Down Darling:
Flattery will get your everywhere, thank you! (Your check's in the mail!) Start with good jeans and a nice, clean, crisp T-shirt and add a light jacket in an unlined fabric like linen or cotton. You'll look fabulous!

Dear Joan:
First of all, I love your show. I never miss it. Second, I have a question: I see a lot of people wearing hats for the winter, but I don't know when I should start. So when do you think is a good time? And tell Miss Osbourne that I love her and her family :)

Dear Hat Girl:
Hats are very fashionable right now, especially women's fedoras, so you don't really need to wait for winter to try this trend. And you're right, Kelly is a sweetheart and even nicer in person.

Dear Joan:
I am a professional, 62-year-old slim petite woman who recently lost 15 pounds and dropped two pant sizes following an illness. Can I wear leggings or slim pants at my age, and can I wear my short blouses with them? I am having trouble finding pants to fit and only rarely wear skirts or dresses. Thank you so much!

Dear Fashion Doc:
With your shape, you can get away with slim pants and look great. But you are going to need longer tops to create a look that's fashionable and age-appropriate. Good luck!

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