Hope you've got your hanky nearby.

When the first shot of a trailer is of a group therapy session, you know you're in for a serious ride down Emotional Avenue. And that's exactly what we get in Nicole Kidman's new drama, Rabbit Hole.

Are you ready?

From director John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch), Rabbit Hole's the story of a couple (Kidman and Aaron Eckhart) dealing with the anguish of losing a child.

Who ever thought a simple shot of Nicole Kidman standing blankly in front of a washing machine could be so powerful. There are a few glimmers of hope though, a few flashes of smile, but for the most part, it looks like the cast here are seriously gunning for those dramatic Oscars.

What do you think? Up for sitting in a theater for two hours feeling Nic and Aaron's pain?

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