Lance Armstrong

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How does Lance Armstrong keep having kids? I thought his bout with cancer had made his man parts somewhat...less functional?
—Jacquie S., via Facebook

Oh just say it already! Say it! Nads, nads, nads! You're talking about Armstrong's male penis testicle gonad bits!

Here's what I can tell you...

And it's good news for anyone struggling with testicular cancer. (That's what the cycling champ battled in 1996—a pretty nasty case, too.)

In many cases, yes, infertility is a sad side effect. But not always. Sometimes the prognosis for fertility is actually pretty good.

Armstrong has five children. Three were conceived with then-wife Kristin Richards, using sperm the athlete donated before he began his cancer treatments.

After his treatment, the cyclist expected he would be infertile. He was wrong.

Since his treatment, Armstrong has had two more children with girlfriend Anna Hansen—including a baby girl, Olivia, born just a few days ago—and both of those reportedly were conceived naturally.

It was a surprise to many, including Dr. Sanjay Gupta, who commented just before the birth of Armstrong fourth child:

"This is a hopeful thing for testicular cancer survivors. It means his body healed from the chemotherapy and surgery."

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