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Must 'fess, we may have shed a tear or two when mama Tina Knowles put the kibosh on the Beyoncé baby rumors. (Also must confess we're hoping that mama K may have been fibbing for her numero uno offspring and that tiny tyke is still on the way.)

But can we all just agree that when B and hubby Jay-Z procreate, it will be the best baby in the world? Team WWK writer Jennifer Arrow said it best: "I feel like a rejoicing peasant who's just learned that the king and queen are expecting their first-born. I want to throw flowers along the parade route and perhaps break into a jig."

Us too, J! But until B decides she's ready to join all the married mamas, we're left wondering about another babyless diva:

Mariah Carey.

Clearly had the babe been pregnant when all the tabs were claiming she was, she'd have popped that sucker out by now.

And we're not saying we want any mini-Nick Cannon's running around—actually, that seems like a nightmare—but just something to keep that in mind next time you hear a tabloid cry preggo. Hello, there is such a thing as a big lunch and an unfortunate angle.

Though, to be honest, we would have believed M.C. was with divalicious child before B, but that's because we're way bitchy, too.

We're pretty sure most of you have the same pic of the litter when it comes to which kiddo would put the likes of Suri, Violet Affleck and Shiloh Jolie-Pitt to shame (though sound off if you feel differently!), but which oft-rumored-to-be-preg prim honey do you think will nab a mini-me first?

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