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    Caught! Halle Berry and Beau Cause Chaos!

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    Halle Berry
    Halle Berry Fame Pictures

    How is it that Halle Berry manages to land hunk after oh-so-sexy hunk?

    Oh yeah, 'cause she's friggin' gorgeous. H.B. and her new main squeeze, Olivier Martinez, popped into Kinara Spa in West Hollywood Wednesday night, where the two got quite the pampering. The couple that spas togetherstays together, right?

    Things weren't quite as relaxing when the twosome tried to leave though:

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    No word yet on what exact services the famous couple indulged in (we hear Halle is a huge fan of the red carpet facials and massages), but when she and her Dark Tide costar turned BF left the swanky spa, they caused quite the pap frenzy.

    The duo needed a police escort in order to ride away on Martinez's motorcycle and to dodge the many waiting paparazzi in the rain. Uh, does that sound exactly like a scene from a sexy Halle Berry movie to anyone else?

    Even though we can't stop drooling over baby daddy Gabriel Aubry, we approve of Olivier. Good work, Ms. Berry!

    Across the country and causing far less of a stir was...

    Bill Clinton, getting his coffee and them some in über-suburbia, NY. The former prez seems to have made a habit of stopping into Starbucks in his WASP-y Chappaqua 'hood to grab a little caffeine and chat up the cute moms.

    "He kept picking out the attractive women waiting for their drinks," a Starbucks spy dishes. "And he'd touch them really subtly as he asked them where they were from and stuff."

    No takes though, it seems. Like they don't know who you are, Mr. Hillary Clinton! Hey, at least it's an upgrade from the White House interns, no?

    A fellow coffee fan who prefers fans to strange females is...

    Jason Schwartman, who was picking up a cup of joe at Peets in Studio City. How very Kristen Stewart of him (it is her fave, of course!)

    The indie king (turned blockbuster cameo star) was wearing a hoodie and "really tight, tight" jeans—which another patron was happy to notice since, "his ass looked good."

    We're told he was totally cool to a fan that came up to say how much they totally dig his HBO series, Bored to Death.

    Seems like Peets is the place to go to meet the chillest H'wood hotties.

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