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Lorin Sniffle-Puss has a hot bod, a really hot talent and some of the hottest headlines in Hollywood these days! What else could a svelte, beautiful rising star want?

Besides more money, that is (that's always a given with these newbie types). Nope, green ain't exactly the color of what's making Lorin get all excited and a bit bothered these days.

Actually, that shade would more accurate be described as...

Pure white, baby! And we don't mean the virginal kinda white. We're talkin' cocaine-colored, sweethearts.

Yep, if you ever wondered how Lorin (who has the most exquisite legs and bod, we must say) makes it from one damn media splash to the next, and never once looks worse for the wear doing it, well, we have the answer:

L. Sniffle-Puss is getting very fond of that little power-powder Lindsay Lohan loves to sniff whenever she can get her ass away from a judge's prying eye.

And what's funny about it is, Lorin's gotten most accustomed to doin' the snort thang while outside L.A., while performing mainly promotional stuff on the side. As if nobody will see 'cause it's outta town. Yeah, right. Nobody will notice, honey-bun.

Gotta say two things here: the hours Lorin's been given to work are so extraordinary, it's little wonder Lorin resorted to something to help pull it all off (we're certain Lorin can't be alone in the taxed cast, as far as a need for a chemical second-wind goes), and, Lorin is, so far, really expert at hiding this dangerous habit.

Not only does LSP shine all dimpled and pure-like in the press, the supple star has brilliantly gotten folks gossiping about the sex card. About this particular star, that is.

Works as an awfully nice diversion.

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