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The Vampire Diaries is back with a new installment airing tomorrow at 8 p.m. on the CW! Trust us when we tell you that you do not want to be the only person at your office Friday who missed Oct. 21's "Plan B" episode.

So what can you expect from TVD as we roll toward November sweeps? We've got dish from the executive producers on Katherine, new love interests for lots of folks, and what's up with Jeremy, Bonnie and Alaric...

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1. Katherine's Master Plan Is About to Erupt: "That all explodes, all that information, over the next four episodes," Julie Plec tells us. "By the time we hit Thanksgiving, you're going to know a good chunk of it, if not most of it."

2. Katherine Is Way Older Than She Looks: According to Plec and her fellow executive producer, Kevin Williamson, episode 209 is packed with flashbacks to Bulgaria circa 1492 that show us what really makes that diabolical diva tick. But we won't be seeing Katherine before she was a vampire, nor will we meet her maker.

"We go back in time and show a lot about how Katherine came to be who she is," Williamson says. "We answer a lot of questions basically. Because I think everyone's interested in the doppelgänger or how did the line continue. And she's a Petrova–we get into the Petrova line of it all...We show how she started, where she went, why they wanted her, why she was necessary to the story of the vampires."

As for meeting the man or woman who turned Katherine into a bloodsucker, Williamson says not yet, but "we'll probably go down that road eventually."

3. Elena Won't Be Turning Into a Vampire…Yet: Unlike the books, our heroine won't become joining Stefan and Damon in their aversion to vervain anytime in the immediate future, but she may eventually. "We have a pitch for that, but it won't be this year," Williamson offers.

4. Jeremy Is Getting a New Love, and It Could be Caroline. Or Bonnie. Or… "You can expect a dabble with a capital D," Plec says of Jeremy's romantic future. "Could possibly be somebody that we already know."

And he's not the only one—both Bonnie and Damon will be getting some action as well. Of course, Kat Graham and Williamson were a little less forthcoming on the topic—they offered a "yeah" and "yes," respectively—and no one's saying where or not that action will be together (we can hope) or otherwise.

5. Things Are About to Get Way Sticky for Bonnie: "When you develop anything, there's a positive to it and a negative to it," Graham teases. "You'll be able to see both sides of that."

"She's coming into her own, and she's learning how to be a witch and how to be a strong witch, but we're also showing that there are some weaknesses involved and she's got to be careful," Williamson says. "She doesn't really know. She doesn't have master Grams anymore to teach her anything. She's on her own. She's got that Grimwar, she can do stuff, but there's a price that she has to pay."

6. Jeremy Is About to Become a Scooby: After recognizing that Elena is the only real family he's got—for better or for worse—and hanging out with Taylor Lockwood, Jeremy is ready to join the fight against whomever is going to threaten his sister's life. And, to make him a little more appealing to Damon and company, he's got all that scoop on the werewolves to share.

"Rather than letting all this stuff happen to him, he's gonna say 'F--k that and I'm going to take control and I'm going to help out in this whole thing," Steven R. McQueen tells us.

And that new attitude will kick off this week's episode, Julie Plec says.

"He really shows up," she explains. "Scene one, he knocks on Damon's door and Damon's like, 'What are you doing here?' And Jeremy's like, 'I have information and I'm ready to share.' And Damon's like, 'And shut the door in your face.' It's very cute to see. It's like this kid who suddenly is feeling more like a man."

7. Alaric May be Safe… for Now: "Kevin and I both feel so strongly that that character is a man," Plec explains. "He's got a maturity. He's got gravitas. He's a really important character to have on the show and, because his own personal journey kind of arced out with Isabelle's storyline at the end of last season, we're just biding our time and waiting for the moment to start his new journey. And we've promised him that it will happen and we can't wait to get into it."

Katherine's Master Plan Is About To Erupt:

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