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Some strippers are gonna be out of luck.

Jenni "JWoww" Farley reportedly has been forced to shut down her barely there clothing line, due to trademark issues involving another clothing company with a similar name. She's LOLing off the claims, though.

The buxom reality star launched Filthy Couture in July and sold items on her  website. But sales have been halted, according to Radar Online, and JWoww reportedly even has to return money to customers...

The site reports that JWoww had no interest in relaunching the line—packed with lots of bad lace and awful bedazzled pieces—under another name because she's overwhelmed with the work involved and doesn't want to do it anymore.

But she addressed the reports, calling in to KISS-FM radio to deny any problems and explain that she now has a new manager who folded the line in order to get it ready to launch in stores.

Then she took to Twitter, writing that she's laughing at the reports.

"clear things up! I'm designing a new fall line but holding it off for something very exciting! + my management is getting my line in stores. Online sales have stopped for these 2 reasons. Lol these stories r hysterical"

Gee, that really does clear everything up, right? Thanks, JWoww.

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