Michael Yo

Here's a few things you may not know about me:

I am half black and Korean and got teased when I was young because the other kids said I looked weird. I still look weird, but at least it's in right now

I do a local radio show every day in Miami at Y100. I LOVE radio. It is my passion. It's great because every day you get talk and interact with your audience. There is no better feeling

When I was a kid I tried to take rap dance class, but had no rhythm. Damn my Asian side!

I used to play football for the University of Arkansas, but I got to many concussions and that ended my career.

My dad has a Ph.D in nuclear physics and hated trying to teach me math when I was in school. He was supersmart, and I was a C+ student.

I am actually looking to settle down and start a family with a girl that doesn't live in L.A. Are there any more good southern girls out there?

My current entertainment obsession is…Twitter. I love Twitter. It's so much pressure to say something interesting though, and you feel a loser when no one retweets your tweets. Or is that just me?

My Favorite Celeb Interview: I was interviewing Madonna and told her I loved her album. Later in the interview, she asked me about what I thought was a random song. I told her I have never heard the song, and she said, How could you love my album? It was the second song on my new album! Classic moment. She gave me crap the whole interview. 

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