Jackass 3D, Hereafter, Red, Paranormal Activity 2

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Last weekend, Johnny Knoxville and crew came crashing, flying, exploding, and falling into theaters with Jackass 3D.

But can their many-dimensional antics fend off some more thrilling competition? Like Matt Damon and freakier things?

Damon stars in Clint Eastwood's new supernatural drama Hereafter, which tells the story of three people touched by death in different ways. These Oscar magnets have a history of acclaimed films, could this be another one?

But maybe you need some Paranormal Activity more than Oscar-buzz? Well, lucky for you a sequel to the supernatural sensation is finally in theaters, just in time for Halloween!

You can also see some stars without the help of those Jackass daredevils in the action-packed Red. How can you go wrong with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich and Helen Mirren?

So what's going to get you into theaters? Let your voice be heard, vote and comment!

New Movie Poll: Oct. 21, 2010
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