Jamal Rashead Trulove


Now he'll be checking out the kind of bars where you don't find romance.

I Love New York 2 contestant Jamal Rashead Trulove has been sentenced to 50 years to life in prison on a murder charge.

The sentence was handed down in a San Francisco court on Friday.

The 29-year-old former reality show contestant was convicted back in February of gunning down 28-year-old Seu Kuka in the Sunnydale housing projects where both Kuka and Trulove were involved in a fight. Trulove was found in Monterey County months later and arrested on a murder warrant. 

Trulove had made it through just the first episode of the VH1 reality show, focused on Tiffany "New York" Pollard's search for Mr. Right. Trulove poved to be Mr. Wrong and was booted after getting into a shouting match with a fellow contestant in the house.

The episode was taped just three weeks before the shooting. Even though he lasted just one episode, his appearance proved fateful. A woman recognized him as the murder suspect and told San Francisco cops she saw him on TV.

It still took a year for cops to nail him, and finally he was spotted in the vacation town of Seaside in Monterey.

Vacation's over now, Trulove.

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