So a bunch of YouTubers are weirded out by the teaser for Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which features wee Aztec canines singing DJ Bobo’s chart-topping (well, in Europe) single aptly titled “Chihuahua.” But us? No way, we adore it!

Now that the all-plot, no-singing (aw, we miss it!) trailer is finally out, we’d like to ask everyone to reconsider this Chihuahua. It’s clearly a harrowing tale about a spoiled Chihuahua—voiced by Drew Barrymore—who must overcome her vanity and prejudice to not only find her way home but also find herself and true love.

OK, it’s probably not that moving, but it does feature a rat-and-iguana comedy duo. Plus, George Lopez’s Papi is the cutest Chihuahua we’ve seen around. (And, living in the epicenter of the spoiled Chihuahua crisis, we've seen plenty.)

Give the trailer a go, and let us know what you think in the comments. But please, hold onto your tacos!

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