It's been another outstanding week of sexy show business insanity, and things were pretty good in Soup land too. Let's take a look…

1. Dancing With the Stars: Thanks to DWTS, we now know that Bristol Palin is many things: a star, a better dancer than The Situation and fantastically ironic.

More Soup-drenched thrills are a mere click away, kids!

2. America's Next Top Model: It's not easy for the hopeful young ladies going through Tyra's hellish bootcamp for top modeldom. Smiling, walking, standing still—step aside, Battan Death March!

3. Sister Wives: Stud for God Kody Brown likes variety in his wives. But if one of those numerous partners from the same womb wants a little of what loverboy likes, there's going to be trouble. God forbid!

4. Brett Favre: What could be more famous than Brett Favre? His penis, currently enjoying its 15 minutes of fame. And 15 minutes is a long time for a penis. Trust us. Anyway, it seems Brett's camera isn't the only thing getting close to his junk.

5. Today: As usual, Kathie Lee Gifford displays her amazing ability to send the first thought in her head straight out of her mouth. This time, a discussion of beauty products leads to something that's pretty far away from anything you want to apply to your face.

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