This is the Nicolas Cage we love.

In the new Drive Angry 3D trailer, Cage is back as the no-nonsense, snarling, gravely voiced badass who does things his way whether you like it or not...

And like Cage, the trailer here isn't messing around. Right off the bat we see him nonchalantly blow up a car with his trusty shotgun. What better introduction for a guy who just escaped from hell to get revenge against the cult (headed up by Twilight's Billy Burke, no less) that killed his daughter?

That's right. He escaped from hell.

As in, he was destined to spend eternity in a bleak nether world but managed to give the devil the slip in order to deal with his family issues. Naturally, the devil is not pleased with this and sends his right-hand man (William Fichtner) out to bring him back.

While tracking down this cult and avoiding the demonic minion on his tail has left Cage very angry, it really seems to have sharpened his driving and shotgun-shooting skills.

Check out the trailer and tell us what you think: Insanely awesome or only just kinda awesome?

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