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30 Rock Live: Seinfeld Money Buys a Lot of Laughs

The reason why Jack Donaghy thought everything looked "like a Mexican soap opera" tonight?

30 Rock had gone live, of course!

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The dual broadcasts—one East Coast, one West—actually resembled Saturday Night Live, complete with surprise cameos, silly commercials and the closing thank-yous, more than they did a telenovela, however.

But commercials for an album of love songs to combat erectile dysfunction, as sung by Dr. Spaceman, and criminal-hand-transplant awareness, featuring Jon Hamm, were far funnier than what SNL's been dishing out these days.

We swear on our mother's grape!

The episode, cleverly titled "Live Show," had a certain awkwardness to it—other than what normally radiates from Tina Fey's Liz Lemon—that won't be missed next week.

But the gags, both sight (Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Liz's better-looking memory self) and verbal (Kenneth telling Jenna "a Mr. Brett Fah-vray stopped by to drop off a picture of a hot dog") were spot-on as usual.

The Emmy-gobbling cast even offered up a few variations for the two time zones: Liz's "Seinfeld money"-buying doppelgänger angered Jack's assistant Jonathan with a Slumdog Millionaire joke on the East Coast and got him with an Aladdin reference on the West; Jack has a "drinking problem" on ET and is a "problem drinker" on PT; Hamm is attacked by a killer Frankenstein hand, then an amorous one three hours later, etc.

With Thursday's episode, 30 Rock joins the ranks of ER, Will & Grace, The West Wing, The Drew Carey Show, Roc and—going back to 1985—Gimme a Break!, all of which dared to go live in their heydays.

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