Nicole Richie, Joe Manganiello

Fame Pictures; John P. Johnson/HBO

Celebs' patience with the paparazzi is running out.

Just this week Nicole Richie rightfully lost it with X17 after photogs crossed the line to get shots of her children. Then Miley Cyrus had some words for a female pap when she was snapping pics of Miles with her younger sister.

And now there's another star who is feeling sick of having his sexy stuff exposed: newly engaged Joe Manganiello.

Most importantly, congrats to Joe for putting a ring on that smokin' girlfriend of yours, Audra Marie! Wish you both tons of love and happiness.

Unfortunately, after a romantic time (and proposal) in Italy, J.M. wasn't too thrilled with the awaiting flashbulbs in L.A.

Joe was telling us at the Puma Social Club Wednesday night—where his babe debuted a gorge, shiny ring—how pissed he was when he saw a shot of himself, mid-workout, plastered on all of the blogs. Hey, at least he wasn't caught picking his nose in the rear view mirror of his car at least.

"It's just disrespectful," J.M. said. "And I'm looking right at the camera, like it was planned, which clearly it wasn't. I was just trying to work out!"

For the record, J looked as yum as ever, no Italy 15 there! But we get it. Imagine being Robsten!

So, readers, type now or forever hold your bitchin'.

Do you think paps are crossing the line? Or are the shots worth it, not to mention part of the deal when you become a public figure?

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