What a lovely group of people we are meeting this season on Survivor: Nicaragua. At least Shannon was sent home after his homophobic harangue, but nasty NaOnka remains. And according to last night's eliminee, she's sharing space with some more vile characters who aren't exactly politically correct themselves...

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Tyrone Davis, Survivor: Nicaragua

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Tyrone Davis, arguably this game's most noble contestant, said he heard both Jill and Holly utter racist remarks

Tyrone told me that while he was talking to Brooklynite Dan about his hometown, Jill said, "I would never go there." "Why not?" T.D. asked, and he claimed Jill responded, "Because there are black people there!" He added that she even made the distinction between crime and color, but based her opinion solely on prejudice.

In another encounter, even though he believes she was "half-joking," Tyrone was still astonished when Holly said, while lying beside him in their shelter, "I've never slept next to a brother before!"

Where were the cameras during this crazy talk?

Another the cameras missed? Tyrone being "blindsided" (Jeff Probst's words) at Tribal Council...because he wasn't.

"Did I look surprised?" he asked me. (Um, no.) He recognized that his young tribemates were "intimidated" by him—and knew he wouldn't have the support of his original Espada tribe.

Even though Ty expressed disappointment in NaOnka's "venom"—especially since their childhood homes are just blocks apart and they have several acquaintences in common—the L.A. fire captain suggests it might not be a coincidence that the show's only African-American players were both on the chopping block last night.

That's debatable, but Dan should have had at least one vote (or eight). Why is Dan still here? I asked Tyrone, who likes the guy, to give me three reasons. He could only come up with two:

"He's not a threat, and he's likable."

OK, then. I would say the same thing about the chickens, but no one (except Tyrone) had any qualms about snuffing them—or to be more specific, one of the egg-laying hens. Since this has caused such a stir among you fans, I asked Tyrone why his tribemates didn't kill the rooster first.

Seems the country folk believed having a man around the henhouse would make the sole survivor more inclined to lay her eggs. Tyrone—who, by the way, insists he was gnawing mostly on chicken bones rather than devouring more than his share—doesn't feel qualified to argue with their logic.

"I'm not a chickenologist," he said.

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