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The most common question that E! News fans ask me is, "How can I meet Jason Kennedy?" Ah, I'm just kidding. That's actually the second most common question. Truth is, most often I'm asked, "How do you find out all your information about celebrities?"

Answering that question is a tough task. I mean, the simple response is that I have sources all around Hollywood (and anywhere celebs are in the wild) who give me the scoop on everything from what's going on with that rehabbing celeb and what went wrong with that celeb marriage to whether or not someone is pregnant. But the specifics of who these mysterious sources are, why and how they get me information, and how I go about finding them is not something that I'm super eager to share. And, trust me, it is not only in my best interest, but also yours! Lemme explain...

You see, when it comes right down to it, what I have learned over my 15 years (gulp!) as a celebrity journalist is that you guys most want to, uh, eat the gossip sausage. You like the taste, the smell, you crave it with your morning breakfast and, my personal fave, those breakfast-for-dinner special nights. But while you are curious about how this proverbial sausage is made, if I told you too much about that sausage-making process, it would risk that you would (sad face) have to live a life devoid of sausage. And no one wants that, do they?

OK, I will now stop with the meat metaphor.

The key for any journalist—be it the White House correspondent for CNN, E!'s chief news correspondent, or the SoHo House correspondent for E! Online—is having reliable sources who trust that their anonymity will be preserved and their information accurately and fairly reported. If they lose that faith and trust in the journalist, that journalist's followers don't get the goods. And, really, I just want to make you guys happy and well fed.

So, for that reason, to answer your question about how I get my exclusive reporting that I am able to share so enthusiastically with you every night on E! News, all I can say is this: I meet as many people as possible, I aim to be friends with everyone, I try to ask the questions you'd want answered, and I let everyone in Hollywood know that I am open for gossip 24/7. As for everything else, I am going to have to plead the Fifth, offer up a "no comment" and simply ask that you speak to my "publicist."

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