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Sorry, Ocean's 12, but this might be the George Clooney sequel that actually makes the world a better place.

On his second visit to the White House since last year, the Oscar winner met with President Barack Obama on Tuesday to discuss his most recent trip to Sudan...

Clooney aims is to get the U.S. and the international community ready to prevent possible violence connected to Sudan's Jan. 9 referendum, a vote that could allow the country's southern region to secede from the rest of the war-ravaged nation.

"At a time that is one of the most politicized times ever, this is something that everyone agrees on: If there's some way to get ahead of this and stop it before it happens, we better," Clooney said in a statement after his presidential sit-down.

While Obama reportedly said during the meeting that the U.S. is fully committed to helping the vote take place on time and with as little disruption as possible, he also said that it's ultimately up to Sudan's political leaders to keep their country's future alive.

But we figure Clooney—who has called the situation in Darfur "the world's problem"—is not going to be discouraged from doing his part anytime soon.

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