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    Two Pastry Chefs Deliver a Shocker on Top Chef: Just Desserts

    Malika Ameen, Seth Caro,Top Chef Just Desserts BRAVO

    These two cracked faster than a crème brûlée.

    In a surprise move, contestants Seth Caro and Malika Ameen both quit Bravo's Top Chef: Just Desserts last night, claiming the reality competition left a bitter taste in their mouths.

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    Caro, not exactly a study in patience and sanity, has been falling apart faster than a flaky croissant over the past few weeks. By episode four, he had already cried over a lack of grapefruits, and last night, he suffered a full-on anxiety attack, pacing and breathing in bursts, making the other chefs uncomfortable.

    An ambulance was called after he was informed he couldn't make his own ice cream from scratch and had to use the Breyer's provided for the ice cream sundae quickfire challenge. And off he was taken to recover from his ice cream meltdown.

    Ameen, another complaining competitor, had been whining that she hated cooking competitively on the series and that she missed home. When judge Gale Gand praised her panna cotta, Ameen interrupted with a shocking statement.

    "I would, perhaps, like to ask to be eliminated today," she said.

    And off she went to see her kids, whom she had been missing for weeks. 


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