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If you're a die-hard Robert Pattinson fan (which we're sure you are), then one of the breakout stars of fall's biggest movie—The Social Network—was already a familiar face. Of course, we're talking about Andrew Garfield, aka one of R.Pattz's besties.

Before the dude becomes a megastar—what with Oscar talk for his Facebook flick performance as well as Never Let Me Go and an entire superhero franchise reboot resting on his capable shoulders—we decided to let you in on five facts about this total babe:

1. He's British...and American: While Andrew runs around with a talented group of actors sometimes referred to as "the Brit Pack" (which includes, duh, Rob as well as former "5 things" cutie Tom Sturridge), he wasn't even born in England.

A.G. was actually born here in Los Angeles, but when he was only a few years old, moved across the pond. With an English mum and an American dad, Andrew had the best of both worlds, which may explain how he rocks his sexy British accent and yet can pull off a  très impressive American accent.

Don't bother asking whether he roots for Manchester United or Chelsea though. "I don't support a football team. I've never had any affinity with any one particular thing," Andrew told The Guardian.

2. Becoming a Superhero won't go to his head: Sure, Andrew took over arguably one of the biggest superhero franchises ever (Spider-Man, duh) but don't worry about him suddenly get a huge head.

Thing is, the dude didn't even think he'd ever be a huge star, telling an interviewer: "I don't think I am ever going to be famous...I feel like the work I do has been very specific so far, and it is not exactly mainstream. So until I do one of those projects, I think I am safe."

Well nothing is more mainstream than Spider-man! Even so, Andrew doesn't seem like one to be into the glitz and glamour of the fame game. He's been quoted as saying: "I'm very neurotic and self-conscious. So I think that I'll know when I'm becoming a dick and believing my own press."

Well, he's getting a hell of a lot of good press—not that he doesn't deserve it.

3. He's got a GF already: Our hearts broke too, but yes: Andrew is already a taken man.

The newly hunk-statused star has been with girlfriend—and actress—Shannon Woodward for quite some time now. (FYI, check her IMDb page and we're sure you'll recognize her from something). But if you didn't think A.G. was totally swoon-worthy before, wait until you hear him talk about what a romantic he is. "Yes, I am [pure and raw]. Warts and all. Open heart."


But A doesn't exactly like chatting about his personal life; he's a strictly biz type of guy (who does that remind you of? Hmmm).

4. He and K.Stew have more in common than just R.Pattz: Kristen and Andrew share a connection...and we're not just talking about Robert. See, both of the actors have nabbed a coveted BAFTA award (that's British Academy of Film and Television Arts, for those not in the know).

Andrew got his back in 2008 for Best Actor in the flick Boy A. Kristen got her Rising Star award earlier this year.

That's not Andrew's only honor though. In 2004 he nabbed a MEN Theatre Award for a show he did in Manchester, and he won the Evening Standard Theatre Awards for Outstanding Newcomer in 2006. Plus, he nabbed a spot in Variety's list of "10 Actors to Watch."

An Oscar is next, we say!

5. He loves the internet: Unlike most celebs who swear they stay away from the internet, Andrew seems to love it! All the better for portraying a Facebook co-founder, right?

"I have an unusual relationship with Facebook. I love it, but I hate it at the same time," Andrew told Parade magazine. "It takes far too much of my energy and time—time I should be spending working or making myself a better person instead of looking at pictures of my friends having fun at great parties in London. It's a terrible, terrible thing."

Or YouTube videos. Our love for Andrew was cemented when we saw this clip of him singing the infamous "Bedroom Intruder" song—a worldwide web sensation.

Hey, Andrew, if you happen to find yourself on The Awful Truth, leave us a comment...just watch out for those crazy Nonstens. They're trouble.

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