Jessica Simpson


Jessica Simpson was full of holiday cheer today.

And a full entourage, as well. I'm told there were at least a half a dozen people in her posse when she arrived to shoot her Macy's commercial this morning in Brooklyn, N.Y...

"She also had her dog in a Louis Vuitton carrier," a source reports. "And her mom may have even been there, too."

Simpson (left, leaving her Manhattan hotel for the shoot) was expected to finish her bit in less than a day.

The source reports that the campaign—directed for the second year in a row by big-time Hollywood helmer Barry Levinson—includes two different scenarios. One features a woman trying to get ready for a date, and another centers around the famous "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" newspaper editorial from 1897.

Simpson will be promoting her shoe line in the ads. As I told you yesterday, Martha Stewart, Kenneth Cole, Tommy Hilfiger and What Not to Wear host Clinton Kelly are part of the campaign.

Buzz on the set today was Donald Trump and Carlos Santana will also be participating.

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