Britney Spears

RHEA/ Ginsburg/Spaly Inc.

How much does it cost to take care of a celebrity baby?

Apparently Britney Spears pays $35,000 a month to have Jayden James and Sean Preston tended to. Or not.

See, according to a new lawsuit filed by an ex-nanny, Spears never paid that amount for the woman's whopping one month of service.

Ferial Zaltash says in court papers that she got hired as a personal assistant and nanny in September of 2007 and resigned a month later.

The lawsuit is light on details as to why Zaltash only lasted a month a Chez Spears, but the nanny is clear on how much she believes she's owed for services rendered: $35,202.

Even after demanding payment, the former nanny says Spears refused.

But that's not all!

Zaltash is also asking for $19,940 for penalties for unpaid wages and overtime work.

But the experience of working for Britney has to be priceless…um, right?

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