Lea Michele, Marie Claire


Lea Michele graces the cover of UK's Marie Claire, and the babe had no problem letting her hair down (and taking her top off) across the pond.

Look how teeny-tiny Ms. L.M. is! Girlfriend has dropped mucho lbs, and it's not like she needed to at all. She's always been the hottest babe on the boob-tube, even when curvier.

We've blamed her sometimes diva-like attitude on the fact she must be hungry all the time, but Lea swears to the magazine no such 'tude exists:

"I feel very equal to my cast and I feel like I couldn't do what I do without them," Michele says.

Well, that may be true, especially since it's all about Heather Morris now after her fab performance on the Britney Spears episode, but what about those few times that we've witnessed Lea diss some fans and industry folks while at events?

Let's just blame it on her lack of interest in partying.

"I don't smoke and I don't do drugs," she says. "This show would be a huge pressure on someone who wanted to rebel and who wants to party, but I don't have those needs or wants.

"These days I have one glass of wine and I'm completely gone," Lea tells the mag. "I've never been a 'Lets go out and have a cosmopolitan' kind of girl. I don't even think I've ever tasted a cosmopolitan before."

Lea Michele, Marie Claire


True story, we've never seen Lea drunk, unless it's off her own Kool-Aid (kidding). Whenever she's out she only has eyes for her BF Theo Stockman.

We've witnessed their hardcore make-out sessions before with personal security in tow, but it seems Dianna Agron is the latest cast member babe to indulge in such a PDA fest, so guess it's a Gleek thing.

So if Lea's vice isn't being a diva (unless it's here in the A.T.) or partying, what is it?


"They're all tiny. I mean, you saw me in the shoot today, I was practically nude. Did you see any? No. I'm telling you, I have nine. All so, so, so little."

Sexy! That makes us heart you even more...now just give us the dirt on where they are.

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