Myanna Buring

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Could anything top casting a Lost-tastic vampire or Edward and Bella's spawn?

Maybe a whole flock of vampires, right? Well, that's just what we've got...

The Breaking Dawn vampires known as the Denali coven have been cast, according to Twilight's official Twitter. Part of that clan is Tanya, who Twi-hards know as something of a rival to Bella (Kristen Stewart) when it comes to the affections of Edward (Robert Pattinson).

As if.

The Alaskan bloodsuckers include Christian Camargo and Mia Maestro as Eleazar and Carmen; Casey LaBow as electrifying Kate; and MyAnna Buring as Tanya, a blond beauty who's crossed paths with Edward before. (Buring, known for her role in The Descent, also appeared in the horror-comedy Lesbian Vampire Killers.)

Maggie Grace, whose casting was announced earlier this week, rounds out the family as the one who pretty much ruins all the happiness for the Cullens. Jeez, way to go, Irina.

The first of the Breaking Dawn movies is set to open Nov. 18, 2011.

(Originally published Sept. 30, 2010, at 4:45 p.m. PT)

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