The new Justin Bieber video is finally here! OMB! E! News is world premiering "U Smile" tonight at 7/6c but we've got an exclusive first look at the video right here!

Now, there are two general categories of Bieber videos:

The first, following a girl around at a party that's like so fun! And the second, taking a girl on a very private and exclusive Bieber tour that's so romantic! "U Smile" definitely falls into the second category with a brief break for some stair dancing.

And in case the first time Justin explained the complicated premise of the video wasn't enough, he really spelled it out for us today:

"...the video is i meet as she is a fan...and i fall for her. i fall 4 her is the story of me and her..and she represents all of u. so when u watch tonight think that could be us :)"

Way to keep us guessing, JB!

Let's hear from you guys! Did Justin get everyone smiling?!

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