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    Lindsay Lohan's Dad Talks Conservatorship: Better Him Than Dina

    Lindsay Lohan Toby Canham/Getty Images

    Michael Lohan appears ready to go to war before the first shot has been fired.

    Lindsay Lohan's father confirmed Wednesday to E! News that he has met with an attorney and plans to file a petition to establish a conservatorship (see: Spears, Britney) for his daughter in light of her recent troubles.

    But while he previously sniffed at the idea of ex-wife Dina Lohan doing the same, Michael suggests that he's the one who truly cares about Lindsay's well-being.

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    "Since Dina and [manager Lou Taylor] are going to try to be coconservators, I had a choice of fighting it or petitioning for the purpose of appointing two conservators who don't have an interest in Lindsays money," Michael says, "but rather her as a person and human being.

    "Dina and Lou have their hands in it, not their hearts," he says.

    Meanwhile, neither Dina nor Taylor have mentioned plans to petition for a conservatorship.

    And Papa Lohan didn't make the supportive cut as far as his eldest son is concerned.

    It turns out Michael Lohan Jr., emphasis on the Jr., also has his sister's back.

    "We—her mother, brothers, and sister—have been there for Lindsay every step of the way,  despite what trashy news reports, and will continue to give her our support and strength during these arduous times," Michael Jr., 22, tells People.

    He blames her recent tribulations on the company she's been keeping: "enablers, leeches—whatever you'd like to call it—made things very difficult," he says.

    "It's quite strenuous to right your wrongs when the people around you help justify your actions," adds the Ithaca College grad. "Therefore, cloudy judgment made it easy for her to neglect those trying to guide her."

    While not commenting directly on Lindsay's fourth stint in rehab, her little brother says the actress is "willing to take whatever steps necessary" in order to continue the healing process.

    She is "well-aware that she's at a crossroad in life, and is fully committed to ensuring a healthier future."

    —Additional reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum

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