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Movie Poll, The Social Network, Case 39, Let Me In, Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Merrick Mortin/Columbia Pictures; Kimberly French/Paramount Pictures; Relativity Media Distribution Group; 20th Century Fox

Maybe you've heard, but "that Facebook movie" comes out this weekend, telling the true-ish story of how some kid made a billion dollars off of your friends.

So are you psyched to see Oscar bait-y Justin Timberlake and Zombieland's Jesse Eisenberg rock Silicon Valley in The Social Network? Or maybe you're in the mood for creepy vampire kids, a foster family gone wrong or some greed:

The weekend's other big releases include Case 39, a family thriller with Renée Zellweger that you probably haven't heard of (it's not screening for critics, so watch out). Also, there's Let Me In, a remake of Swedish vampire drama Let the Right One In that stars Chloe Moretz. (You know, the girl from Kick-Ass.)

Or you can just see that Wall Street movie everyone else saw last weekend. What's it gonna be?