Brian Masche, Raising Sextuplets


Raising Sextuplets reality couple Bryan and Jennifer Masche are separating. Jennifer filed for separation last week following an argument that left her husband arrested

Before the news that the couple was having problems became public, the two were being touted as "more positive" role models. Granted, that was in comparison to Jon and Kate Gosselin. It isn't that difficult to appear as a better parent when compared to a woman with eight kids who is constantly photographed alone, and a man with eight kids who is constantly photographed in Ed Hardy clothing. 

Now it seems the world and the Learning Channel will have yet another single mom with multiple children to deal with. Between this, Jon and Kate, and the Octomom pawning off her used underwear at a garage sale, I'm starting to think having more than five babies isn't a great idea. 

Good thing I take the morning after pill every morning with my protein shake, whether I've had sex or not.

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