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Everyone's talking about Boo-Gate. But what about 3-Gate?

Not only did Michael Bolton get a 12 last night on Dancing With the Stars, but Bruno Tonioli, who threw in a 3, called the singer's jive the worst he'd ever seen on the show.

Quipmaster Tom Bergeron and head judge Len Goodman, king of the cutting remark, actually took time out tonight to wag their fingers at him! (Wasn't Len the one who said Bolton's jive needed "a pooper scooper"?!)

The situation (lower-case this time) was so awkward, we started to think it might get Bolton enough sympathy votes to squeak by...

Nope. That 12 did him in.

And Bolton, who actually called Bruno's behavior "inappropriate and disrespectful," looked pretty annoyed.

"Chelsie's been awesome... it's disappointing," he said frankly, admitting that he was surprised to be going.

But he wasn't great, so that's the end of that.

Meanwhile, in the face of much speculation, DWTS had no choice but to come up with taped evidence that the audience wasn't booing Sarah Palin last night, but rather voicing their disapproval of Jennifer Grey's 24.

It was rather obvious what was going on. To us, anyway.

Unscarred by mom's presence in the ballroom and the trumped-up stories about booing that ensued, Bristol "the Pistol" Palin lives to keep people arguing about whether she's a real celebrity or not for another week.

Making up for last week's ratings stunt, Kyle Massey was declared safe right off the bat, and the judges selected his quickstep for an encore performance.

Brandy started off "in jeopardy," meanwhile, not surprising after the largely charmless jive she and Maks trotted out last night.

But they're safe—and perhaps a bit humbled now—along with Grey, Massey, Palin, Florence Henderson, The Situation, Rick Fox, Kurt Warner, Audrina Patridge and Margaret Cho.

Next week, each one has to dance a story. Could be disastrous, so be sure to tune in.

Did the voters choose wisely? Voice your discontent, or content, in the comments section!


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